Atheists and agnostics beware; this is coming from a former atheist.

Moments like now are when I am grateful for knees, eyelids and a mouth. I am particularly grateful for these parts of my body because they are the ones I have just used to offer tearful gratitude to my Father in Heaven. Oh, He lives. Yes he does.

His ways are mysterious, and that is good. But there are times when I see His hand in my life so obviously that I wonder that I can ever do stupid things again. I still do stupid things, but times like these hopefully help me stop a few of them.

I got word this morning that an article I wrote on Helium:

is going to be picked up by a publisher. The $$ is good (not great), but the timing is miraculous. Last night I was up late trying to find a job that I could stomach and get benefits from. I was doubting my ability and my viability as a writer.

I have not made the big time. This post is about my Father in Heaven showing me in an obvious way that those doubts can exist but that I should fight them. Because my choice to quit and write is the right one.

My choice to quit my job and take this leap of faith was validated this morning at the exact time it needed to be. Coincidence? Why would I let myself think that and allow nihilism to steal my hope?

Not coincidence.

So I use my mouth, knees and eyelids to thank my God in Heaven for His careful timing of this small miracle which is a confirmation of faith.