Well, the clock reads Friday, but I am just finishing my Thursday.

I spent this morning going about fifteen miles out and fifteen miles back on my scooter to a place that I hoped would help the ringing in my ears. The lady there did some muscle testing and gave me a bunch of herbal supplements to take. Wahoo. I have an appointment with the big boss lady there at the end of the month.

As for writing, I was able to get started right about 1 pm today. I went immediately to my NaNoWriMo project: The Cabin. I now have six thousand words on it done. I did just over five thousand words this afternoon, in a span of about three to four hours. Not bad. I feel good so far and am more excited about it now than I was before. I am interested to see where Mike goes and what he does. Mike is the main character. He is about thirteen or fourteen; I haven’t decided yet.

So then we ate dinner, I helped get little ones bathed and then I headed out to ChartedCourse, where I had a guest at our weekly overview seminar. Cool!

I got to work some on Chapter 4 while there. So when I got home at about 9, I got started on the chapter again. It is now past midnight. Adding today to yesterday, I am think this chapter took me about nine to ten hours. Whew. I had to really play with format and structure, so I am not sure what the bosses will think.

So we’re going to Southern Utah tomorrow and getting back late Saturday. I will do some writing down there and will make an entry here as well. But for now, it is late and I have to sign off.

Today’s book recommendation:
The Icewind Dale Trilogy by R.A. Salvatore