It’s nice to be writing again! I know I said that I was unmotivated, read not thrilled, about getting going. But then I got into my articles today and was able to turn out about four pretty good articles that may win me about $15 if things go alright.

Still no world on the contract, but I know these things take time.

I am on track for outlining chapter 6 in the manual tomorrow. I imagine I will also have time to do some more Helium stuff.

You know, I have recently started watching reruns of Scrubs, and I really think that show has a nice heart. I used to think it was just dumb. But they are pretty good. Sure, a little heavy-handed at times, but still good.

A good friend of mine and his wife are expecting, and she is about 24 months along. Her water just broke and she is on doctor mandated bed rest. Anybody reading this, please feel free to say a prayer that all will go well and that the baby will not try to show up for at least another three weeks.

Just read the Spiderwick Chronicles. I liked it, but the five books could have been one medium length book of normal size. So I wonder if the authors did that as a marketing and $$ ploy. In any case, they are not bad. A little superficial and lacking in real strong tension.

I am now reading Garth Nix’s book Sabriel. It takes some doing to get into it, but is now moving along at a good clip. That’s all for now.