I am back! I must apologize for the long absence, and I hope the three of you (maybe two?) that actually visit this site accept my apology. I am going to post some cool writing opportunities now, but will be back later to post an update.

I just wanted to post some links here for those who are interested in earning some money for their writing. There are a lot of opportunities to get paid as a freelancer, and there are fully legitimate. They are not get-rich schemes. They are potential clients for freelancing and a great way to build your writing portfolio. And you get money IF your article is chosen. So write your best! On a side note, I am posting these because I am already making some money from this, and I figured I ought to share the wealth. Thanks to all those who have supported me in my quest to fulfill my dream.

Check these out:

#1. Mystery Stories – $50 – Due: 1/17 – 1,200-1,500 words

The following mysteries need stories: Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day, St. Patrick’s Day, War of 1812, Baseball, Revolutionary War, SuperbowlMystery should include at least four suspects and four clues weaved into the story. Mystery and solution need to be included at the end; mysteries will be used in school and should be written at a sixth-grade reading level.

Follow this link: http://www.helium.com/?ad=613&placement=forums&iw=45690&redir_url=http%3A%2F%2Fmarketplace%2Ehelium%2Ecom%2Fmarketpublisher%3Fpubid=366718

#2. Aquarium Community – $100 – Due: 1/16 – 500-1000 words
Provide an in-depth analysis of the different water parameters that are needed to keep a saltwater reef tank, such as Nitrates, Nitrites, PH, Calcium, Alkalinity, Magnesium, Phosphates, Salinity, etc. Give the scientific formulas and the amounts needed in a saltwater aquarium.

To submit an article, follow this link: http://www.helium.com/?ad=613&placement=forums&iw=45690&redir_url=http%3A%2F%2Fmarketplace%2Ehelium%2Ecom%2Fmarketpublisher%3Fpubid=370477

#3. Boomer Lifestyle – $40 – Due: 1/16 – 700-800 words

*Connection between sleep deprivation and mentail illness *What goes on in our brain when we fall in love? *New Study: Can the eyes play tricks on the ears? *Is your relationship in danger of an affair? *What are the physical causes of depression?

Follow this link: http://www.helium.com/?ad=613&placement=forums&iw=45690&redir_url=http%3A%2F%2Fmarketplace%2Ehelium%2Ecom%2Fmarketpublisher%3Fpubid=342166

#4 ePersonal Finance – $80 – Due: 1/16 – 800-1200 words

How to articles, for a web audience (use subheadings, bullets, short paragraphs), SEO, ghostwritten

How to…
• Set up a Roth IRA • Buy life insurance • Refinance mortgage • Set up a budget • Set up an IRA • Avoid a tax audit • Calculate costs of buying home
• Pay for college • Maximize retirement income • Buy life insurance • Avoid probate • Get out of debt • Care for aging parents • Expediate tax refund

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#5 Auto Craze
Requirements:Compensation – $16 Deadline – 1/22/08Word Count – 400-1,000

Car tips & Tricks
How to choose an auto insurance broker
How to shop for online car insurance
Cheap car rental tips
Guide to kit cars
Guide to shopping for hot rods

Custom Cars & Accessories
Guide to car CD players
Guide to shopping for radar detectors
Guide to subwoofers for car stereos
Choosing the right truck bed liner

Motorcycles & Recreational Vehicles
Motorcycle racing 101
Best motorcycle gloves
Must-have motorcycle apparel
A day in the life of a NASCAR fan
Best recreational vehicles

Parts, Performance & Repair
A beginner’s guide to fuel injection
How your car transmission works
The easiest ways to find auto body parts
How to change your motor oil
How to change your spark plugs
…And many more

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#6 Friends in Energy – $25 – Due: 1/14/08 – 400-700 words

Gear content towards expatriates in the energy industry between the ages of 25 and 45.

*2008 outlook for the energy industry*Best perks in frequent flyer programs*2008: Predicting extreme and retro sporting trends*Easy to implement environmental resolutions for the new year*Satire: Adventures of a multinational family celebrating the holidays

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#7 Travel Planning Guide – San Diego, CA – $40 – Due: 1/16/08 – 350-500 words

*Water sports and activities in San Diego, CA*San Diego, CA: Hidden attractions*Visiting San Diego, CA in the summer; spring; winter*Guide to fishing in San Diego, CA*A guide to San Diego beaches

Go to: http://www.helium.com/?ad=613&placement=forums&iw=45690&redir_url=http%3A%2F%2Fmarketplace%2Ehelium%2Ecom%2Fmarketpublisher%3Fpubid=315563

#8 Irreverent Downloadable Game Site (Promo 4) –
Requirements:Compensation per selected review – $20
Deadline – 1/15/08
Word count – 400-500

Online video game reviews, 400-500 words, needed for: Farm Frenzy, Rooms, Night of the Zombies, Cryptex of Time, and Fairway Solitaire. Original reviews should be written in active voice and include rating and commentary on game play, graphics, sound, creativity, and innovation. Free trials available!

Go to: http://www.helium.com/?ad=613&placement=forums&iw=45690&redir_url=http%3A%2F%2Fmarketplace%2Ehelium%2Ecom%2Fmarketpublisher%3Fpubid=363365

#9 Boomer Lifestyle – $40 – Due: 1/16 – 700-800 words

*Connection between sleep deprivation and mentail illness *What goes on in our brain when we fall in love? *New Study: Can the eyes play tricks on the ears? *Is your relationship in danger of an affair? *What are the physical causes of depression?

Go to: http://www.helium.com/?ad=613&placement=forums&iw=45690&redir_url=http%3A%2F%2Fmarketplace%2Ehelium%2Ecom%2Fmarketpublisher%3Fpubid=342166

As a reminder, these opportunities are competitive. To get paid, you have to be selected. To be selected, you have to follow the guidelines and do great work.
Good writing!