Well then. It looks like I need to get back to my old ways of outlining what I will do on each day in order to make sure I get everything done in time.

I was away for such a long time mainly because I got distracted by several things. First was that I was trying to read 100 novels last year (I kept a list of titles, authors, date completed and comments on Excel) and crunch time came around and I needed to read.

I ended up with 105 books read last year! Wahoo. I am doing the same thing with keeping track of novels read this year. I am not sure how many I will read, but I am keeping a list.

The other thing is that we went to Alaska for three weeks for Christmas and the New Year. I did do some writing, but I didn’t hit this blog at all. Alaska was a blast: we sledded, played lots of board and word games, played Mormon Bridge and Pit and other sundry fun activities. Thus, I did not post here, although I should have.

While in Alaska I finished the User Manual for Charted Course! Hooray! I feel pretty good about it. I also conceived a story for another graded reader. I also conceived a story that I really feel like might be better as a play. But I’ll just write the story.

Anyway, since arriving back in Utah last Wednesday (the 9th) I have been studying the Writer’s Guide for the graded readers project, as well as getting back on track with Helium. I’ve written three articles, posted lots of Marketplace opportunities on the web, and have rated plenty. Plus I have gone back to the forums, although I really don’t get into forums much. I might get into them more if I didn’t have so much I have to do.

Today I wrote an article for Helium’s contest (not doing so great yet) and wrote about 3000 words in Mars Betrayal. I need to hit 5000 words each day with that, badly. So that’s my goal for tomorrow. I hope to do it all this week. If I can, I will be on track for getting a strong second draft in by the 31st.

It was quite a nifty experience to put ink to a writing contract on December 13th or 14th. I am not sure which day it was right now. But it was great. I signed four copies and read over my advance amounts and royalties schedule.

Now I have to go. Annemarie gave me a gift card to see some movies for Christmas, so I am going to go catch one now. It should be pretty silly, but I don’t want to use it on the full price movies just yet. So I am going to see The Game Plan. I think the Rock is a surprisingly gifted actor, so that’s why I want to see it. I know, I know, it’s basically a feel good movie, but the other movies that are out are ones that I want to see WITH Annemarie, so oh well.

Gotta run. I put together a reading list for my nieces and nephews while we were in Alaska. One of the authors I recommended was David Eddings, particularly his Belgariad series. So that’s my recommendation today.

Oh, the baby we are expecting on May 31st is a boy. I called it!