I am back with some more good opportunities for those seeking to make some money with freelance writing. Who needs a brick and mortar job anyway?

Here they are:
#1. Daily newspaper needs articles, by 1/24/08, for the following titles:

  • Tips for adopting a stray pet ($20) –

What should people do when theyfind a stray pet running around and they want to adopt it. How shouldthey check to see if it already has an owner? What steps should be takento make the pet healthy, disease-free and ready to live in a home?

The article should be 300 words and compensation for each selected articleis $20.

  • The division between private and public colleges in Massachusetts ($40)-

It is widely known that MA has many of the best private universities in the world, but why are public schools so different? Please see publisher guidelines for further instruction.

For every selected article, 400 words, you earn $40.

To submit an article, go to:

#2. Sports Truck Enthusiast – $25 per selected article – Due: 1/25/08 – 300words

  • An introduction to: Dodge trucks; Ford trucks; Chevy trucks (most and least popular trucks, what are they known for, discuss involvement indeveloping hybrid trucks)
  • Power truck or powertrain: Making sense of the terminology used intruck reviews
  • The history of sport trucks

To submit an article, go to: http://www.helium.com/?ad=613&placement=forums&iw=45690&redir_url=http%3A%2F%2Fmarketplace%2Ehelium%2Ecom%2Fmarketpublisher%3Fpubid%3D375451

#3. Travel Planning Guide: Puerto Rico – $40 per selected article – Due:1/24/08
350-400 words

  • Travel Destination: Viegues; Humacao; San Juan; Isla Verde; Carolina;Loiza; Rio Grande
  • Hotel Reviews: Palmas Del Mar, Humacao, Puerto Rico ESJ Towers, San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Best attractions in Puerto Rico
  • A golfer’s guide to Puerto Rico
  • Guide to fishing in Puerto Rico
  • A guide to Puerto Rico’s beaches

To submit an article, go to: http://www.helium.com/?ad=613&placement=forums&iw=45690&redir_url=http%3A%2F%2Fmarketplace%2Ehelium%2Ecom%2Fmarketpublisher%3Fpubid%3D315563%26topicid%3D128348

#4. PC Improvers – $75 per selected article – Due: 1/25/08 – 500-700 words

  • How to accelerate the speed of your PC
  • Computer performance: Why a paid-for registry cleaner is better than a free one
  • How to prevent your PC from being infected with spyware
  • How to find out what’s running on your PC (and why this is important)

To submit an article, go to: http://www.helium.com/?ad=613&placement=forums&iw=45690&redir_url=http%3A%2F%2Fmarketplace%2Ehelium%2Ecom%2Fmarketpublisher%3Fpubid%3D375395

Better get to these fast, because I’m probably writing to them, too.